BG8-083 Christopher Bram: Exiles in America

Zack Knowles and Daniel Wexler have been together for 21 years, Zack is a psychiatrist, Daniel an art teacher at a college in Virginia. In the fall of 2002, a few months before the Iraq War, a new artist in residence, Abbas Rohani, arrives with his Russian wife, Elena, and their two children. But Abbas is not quite what he seems, and soon he and Daniel begin an affair. When Abbas’s brother, a high-ranking member of the Iranian government, arrives for a short visit, he brings the FBI to Abbas’s door – a shattering experience that throws the two families together. Politics threatens the future of both in ways no one could have predicted. »Exiles in America« offers an intimate look at the meaning of marriage, gay and straight, at the threshold when the personal becomes political.

USA 2007, 371 pp., brochure

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